Latergram... last years Belgium trip.

off to Belgium€ // I think most of us take for granted how far good food travels to serve you. Like Kobe beef from japan, or single origin coffee beans from Gautamala, or cheese cake from JR’s in New York, sometimes to get the best ...ingredients have to travel around the world. By boat, by mule, by fed ex, or bibycle carriers. 

We’ve been working with the same flour suppliers and beet sugar bakers in Belgium since 2012 and it’s about time we visit them on their home turf. Initially the founder of our old partnership had met a Belgium Jewler in San Fransico and that birthed the beginning of my fascination with this unique waffle that apparently takes two days to make.

Initially when I mentioned to my wife that I wanted to partner up with an old friend and start a small farmers market biz she said no. It took about eitght months for her heart to warm up to my sweet tooth and fascination with this fancy treat.... I think the fact that a forty plus pound cast waffle iron showing up in my art studio helped her see how serious I was. Eight years later and the obsession with pearl sugar waffles still controls our kitchen.



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